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Social Media in Divorce

Social Media in Divorce

Social media has become an issue in a larger and larger number of divorces over the past decade. When you are involved in a legal issue—be it a criminal case, civil suit, or a family law issue—the words you say can potentially be used against you in court.

For this reason, attorneys will always strongly advise you to refrain from speaking about your case as much as possible, confiding only in your spouse or a close and trusted loved one who understands the gravity of your situation—and that’s only if you absolutely must confide in someone. This is because anything that is witnessed or overheard could potentially be admissible as evidence and harm your case if twisted against you, which is why you should never confide with anyone in a public space.

This also means not discussing your case over social media.

Why Shouldn't I Share About My Divorce on Social Media?

Divorce and Social MediaSocial media is a public space accessible by millions of people. It is also often a place where many people turn to vent their frustrations about everything from a disastrous date to job stresses and more. This can occasionally include family law issues, or discussions of their divorce cases.

Before you hit that "post" button, there is one thing you should absolutely know:

Social media posts are admissible as evidence and testimony in court.

If you are embroiled in a divorce case, then your ex could use your social media posts as evidence to support one of their claims. This could potentially damage or even completely jeopardize your property division, custody, or visitation matters and take proceedings that were going well and turn them on their head, all at your expense.

How to Use Social Media During a Divorce Case

The purpose of this blog is not to say “stop using social media entirely during your case,” although that isn’t necessarily a bad idea if you can manage it. The point is, if you do use social media during your divorce, do not in any way discuss your case, even if you think that the information is completely harmless. Likewise, try to post as little as possible in order to give yourself the smallest chance of an accidental slip-up.

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