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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce in Westchester County

Helping Couples Amicably End Their Marriage

Divorce is not an easy step to take and, if you go through the litigation process, it could become even more difficult due to its inherently adversarial nature. In some cases, when spouses absolutely cannot find a way to cooperate and negotiate their way toward a mutually agreeable solution, going to court might be unavoidable. However, for many, especially those with children who would like to work on nurturing a better co-parenting relationship, an approach like collaborative divorce can be beneficial in more ways than one.

At Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law, our Westchester County collaborative divorce attorneys have the compassion, experience, and knowledge to guide you through this process.

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How Collaborative Divorce Works

Collaborative divorce is an approach through which each spouse hires his or her own attorney to advise and assist throughout the process of negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement. This is done in multiple sessions, depending on a couple’s needs, and outside of court, without the interference of a judge. It also allows spouses to reach an agreement on their own schedule rather than on the court’s schedule and, as such, will take less time and ultimately cost less money.

If children are involved, the process of collaborative divorce helps spouses learn to compromise, cooperate, and negotiate, which will be useful tools in the future as they continue to co-parent their children.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Aside from keeping you out of court, there are many benefits of a collaborative divorce, which includes:

  • Faster agreements: Litigated divorce cases can take anywhere from several months to several years. Collaborative divorce cases, on the other hand, happen on your own time, whenever you are available, which means you can get it done on your schedule. What does this mean in terms of your timeline? You can expect to be finished in as little as three months.
  • You have control: In divorce litigation, the judge has discretion over the outcome of your case. Instead of leaving the fate of your future to a judge, you and your spouse can take matters into your own hands and take control. Sure, compromise is involved, but you are likely to be happier with an agreement you had a say in rather than in one you have no control over at all.
  • Privacy: When you go through divorce litigation, personal information becomes part of public record. If you choose collaborative divorce, however, your divorce will remain a private matter.
  • Preserve your relationship: If you share children with your spouse, the fact is that, even after a divorce, that person will remain in your life as a co-parent. To make things easier on your children, it would be best to nurture a better relationship with your ex-spouse and collaborative divorce provides the perfect opportunity to do so. You will focus on learning how to effectively communicate with one another rather than to simply go for the jugular.

Westchester County Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

At Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law, our Westchester legal team of collaborative divorce attorneys are here to help you navigate the process of collaborative divorce and ensure you are able to reach a solution that is mutually agreeable and protects your interests. We understand that divorce is difficult and emotional, which is why we are dedicated to providing compassionate support and knowledgeable guidance.

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