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Why January Is the Most Popular Month to File Divorce

Why January Is the Most Popular Month to File Divorce

January is the mark of the new year and, for many, it symbolizes a fresh start and an opportunity to become a better version of themselves. However, this is not only a month for embarking on new diets, breaking bad habits, or pursuing loftier goals. According to courts across the country, this is also the month when most divorces are filed. Why is that, after such a family-focused holiday season, so many couples decide to split up?

Some studies say that couples who file for divorce in January might have already wanted to split prior to the holiday season, but simply wanted to avoid disrupting their families. After all, the holidays are already a hectic time, so the prospect of adding divorce to the mix is oftentimes too stressful to deal with, especially if children are involved.

In some cases, the holidays might actually be the last straw, the final impetus that propels a couple forward into the decision to finally dissolve their marriage. Given that emotions tend to run high during the holidays, this might heighten feelings of discontent in a relationship, leading a spouse to reach his or her breaking point.

The fact is that there is no right time for divorce and every individual should consider what is right for his or her own specific set of circumstances. January might be divorce month for many, but only you can decide when or if this decision is right for you.

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