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Leading The Charge: Reasons To Be An Active Member Of Your Divorce

Leading The Charge: Reasons To Be An Active Member Of Your Divorce

When a couple is in the midst of a divorce, emotions run high. Along with the emotional pain accompanying the breakup of a marriage, both parties are often apprehensive about changes that will take place in the coming months and years. Whether this involves new arrangements regarding child custody, making a return to the workforce, or possibly selling a home and relocating, divorce can bring about many changes in people's lives.

Because of this, we here at the law firm of Friedman & Friedman always recommend to our clients that they take a very active role in their divorce proceedings. If you find yourself facing a divorce, here are some reasons we believe working closely with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys during the process will benefit you in the long run.

Providing Information to Your Attorney

When clients actively participate in divorce proceedings, one of the best things they can do for us is provide our team with as much information as possible. By this, we mean such information as financial statements, tax forms, legal documents related to property ownership, information about their children, and other facts that will be pertinent to their case. By giving us as much information as possible from the start, we can analyze it and thus develop a strategy that will ensure their legal rights are protected from start to finish.

Open Lines of Communication

As some of the most trusted Westchester attorneys in New York, we believe strongly in having open lines of communication with our clients throughout their divorce proceedings. By doing so, we can be sure they understand each and every aspect of their case as it plays out. Thus, if there is something they do not understand regarding custody agreements, spousal support payments, or other aspects of their divorce, we can be there to answer their questions in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

In addition to this, we also encourage our clients to always express any concerns they may have along the way. In doing so, we can make sure the arrangements made during the proceedings will benefit them in the best possible way.

Ensuring Your Financial Future

Here at Friedman & Friedman, we believe one of the most important aspects of any divorce proceeding is determining the financial future for our client. In almost any divorce, the financial situation will drastically change for at least one spouse. Knowing this, we make every effort to work with our clients to finalize an arrangement that will allow them to maintain a standard of living that meets or exceeds what they have previously enjoyed.

In addition to this, we also encourage them to take a close look at various aspects of their finances, such as new living expenses they will incur, how much money will be needed to provide for their children, rent or mortgage payments, and other factors that will be determined during their divorce proceedings. By taking this and much more into account early on, we can help our clients reach an agreement that will be beneficial to them and their family now and in the future.

Preparing Children for Changes

If there is one aspect of divorce that is especially difficult for all involved, it is the impact it will have on the children of the couple seeking a divorce. Knowing this, we make every attempt to work with our clients and others involved in the process in a professional manner at all times. Along with this, we encourage our clients to discuss the upcoming changes with their children. While the children do not necessarily have to be kept up-to-date on all legal matters, it is often best if they are made aware of how these changes may impact their lives.

Dealing with Emotions

For our clients to be able to get the best possible arrangements regarding finances, custody, and other aspects, it is vital they be able to keep their emotions in check while the legal process plays out. Thus, we feel it is vital they have a support system in place during the proceedings. Whether this involves talking with family members, friends, or even a counselor or therapist, doing so can ensure they will be level-headed and focused on the task at hand when it is needed most.

Otherwise, they run the risk of making poor decisions regarding custody arrangements, spousal support, and other key areas of their divorce.

In these situations, it is important to remember that while our Westchester attorneys can offer advice and suggest various types of arrangements that we believe will benefit our clients the most, the final decision is ultimately up to them. Therefore, by having their emotions under control during this stressful time, we can work with them to make sure their rights are fully protected from start to finish.

Since going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful situations a person can face, working with lawyers who understand what is involved in the process can make these tough times much easier to deal with until the case is resolved. Thus, if you are preparing for a divorce, contact us here at Friedman & Friedman. By doing so, you can be assured of having Westchester attorneys who will not only protect your legal rights but also care about you and your family.

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