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How To Build an Effective Parenting Agreement

How To Build an Effective Parenting Agreement

When a marriage fails and it comes time to set up a child custody arrangement, parents can be faced with a challenging situation. They will have to set their feelings aside and try to act in the best interests of their children. Things can go more smoothly if they can present an agreement to a judge rather than leaving it up to the court system to impose an arrangement. Here are some tips to help you and your spouse work out a fair agreement.

Be Open About Your Concerns

If you have worries about your former spouse's parenting techniques, this is the time to discuss it. Settling parenting issues ahead of time will help you both feel better about creating a new custody agreement. Additionally, talking out your concerns at this time will help you avoid resentment and conflict later.

Address Your Child's Needs

Above all, the custody agreement is less about what each parent wants and more about satisfying the child's needs. Parents need to consider their schedule, how close they live to each other or the child’s school, and the child’s schedule when crafting a visitation plan. While this may require greater compromise for one parent, it will provide a more stable life for the child.

Learn to Communicate

Even after an agreement has been reached, you and your former spouse will have to continue communicating about the care of your child. This means establishing the best times and methods for reaching out to one another or possibly setting up regular meetings to update each other. You may also want to establish the best methods for communicating, whether that's emails, text messages, or phone calls.


Even when you and your former spouse are open to mediation, the assistance of an attorney can help you create a more favorable agreement. A mediator is not advocating for you and your needs, which is why it is so important to seek help from a skilled New York lawyer.

The attorneys at Friedman & Friedman can advise you on building a child custody arrangement that not only you and your ex can accept, but one that a judge will approve of. Our staff will work tirelessly to help you arrive at an agreement as efficiently as possible, so your family can focus on adjusting to the new situation.

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