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How to Plan for Spring Break with Joint Custody

How to Plan for Spring Break with Joint Custody

With spring break approaching, you may be planning a quick getaway with the kids. But have you checked your custody plan to ensure you are following its standards?

Check Your Custody Order

In your child custody order, you should have set dates for time-sharing with your child’s other parent. Your time-sharing should include major holidays, specifically requested weeks by the child’s parents, and school breaks. This means that it should be outlined which parent will have custody of your children during spring break.

If it is not explicitly stated which parent has custody of your child over spring break, then you need to think about your normal time-sharing plan. If one parent’s schedule would have your children over spring break, they would most likely have custody of your children then. However, if you have a reasonable time-sharing schedule, then as parents, you can work together to determine which parents will care for your child over spring break.

How to Plan for Spring Break

Once it is determined which parent has custody of your child over spring break, then you can begin planning for your spring break. If you are the parent that has custody of your child, ask them what they would like to do to plan activities or a trip based on their interests.

While planning, make sure to keep their other parent in the loop so they will know your plans. Your child’s other parent may be able to help you plan based on your child’s interests or prepare your child for the trip. By sharing your plans, it shares with the other parent how you want them to remain involved, even if you have custody of your child at that point.

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