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Professional Legal Guidance for Divorce Is Always a Good Idea

As we have all heard, statistics show that a high percentage of marriages end in divorce – around 50% of first marriages and even higher rates for subsequent marriages. However, no one who marries the love of their life expects their marriage to end in divorce one day.

You are not alone if your marriage is one of the many that has not worked out as planned. Get the counsel of a compassionate and experienced divorce lawyer in Westchester County to guide you through this process.

Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law is dedicated to helping people navigate the legal waters of divorce as painlessly as possible. Contact us online or call (914) 873-4410 for a divorce consultation.

Why You Need a Westchester County Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process in NYS can be one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences a person will face. Considering the amount of time, energy, and effort that goes into building a marriage and a family, it's understandable that breaking up can be an extremely emotional and devastating experience for all parties involved.

While divorce may be the best solution for your situation, it can still be a highly volatile process. For this reason, it's absolutely critical to enlist the services of a seasoned divorce attorney. Call our divorce attorneys in Westchester to find out what help we can offer as you navigate a marital dissolution.

Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law has been in private practice for more than 35 years. We have helped countless individuals in White Plains, Westchester County, Long Island, and the surrounding areas reach successful outcomes in their divorces. Let us help you, too!

Divorce Services We Offer Our Clients

Although no two divorce cases are identical, there are core issues that will need to be addressed. Some of the most pressing issues in any divorce include:

In some cases, a judge will award maintenance to one of the spouses. When there are children involved, the parents will have to decide upon child custody, visitation, and child support. If the parents cannot come to an agreement on such matters, then the court will have to step in and decide these matters for them.

Family Law Court & the “Best Interest” of the Child

In contested divorces involving children, the New York divorce court will make its decisions based on what is in the best interests of the children. Here are some of the factors that the Family Law Court will take into consideration when deciding child custody, visitation, and support:

  • Primary Caretaker – Which parent was the primary caretaker of the child(ren) before the divorce?
  • Stability – If the children have already been living with one parent before the divorce, then the Court will take the effects of change into consideration.
  • Abuse, Neglect, or Abandonment – The Court will look to place the children in the healthiest possible home environment with (a) parent(s) who will care for them.
  • Child Care – Priority is often given to the parent who can provide the best childcare arrangements, especially in cases where both parents work.
  • Education – The Court will take into consideration the quality of the educational opportunities that are available near each parent’s residence.
  • Finances – The custodial parent must be able to financially support the children.
  • Drug/Alcohol Use – A history of drug and/or alcohol abuse will have a negative effect on a parent’s ability to obtain custody.
  • Mental Health – A history of mental illness or instability can have a negative effect on a parent’s ability to obtain custody.
  • Physical Health – Custodial parents must be physically capable of caring for their children and for the family as a whole.
  • Location of Siblings – The Court often seeks to keep siblings together, so the location of any siblings or half-siblings can play a large part in the Court’s custody decision.
  • Child’s Preference – The age of the child is a factor in this, as well as the Court’s views on the child’s ability to make their own decisions. The closer the child is to 18 years old, the more weight their preference will have.

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At Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law, our Westchester divorce attorneys can handle all types of NYS divorce cases and walk with you through each step. No matter how amicable your divorce may appear at the beginning, divorce proceedings are rarely predictable and neither is the behavior of the other spouse. Therefore, it is critical that you seek out your own legal representation as soon as possible.

Attorney Andrea Friedman desires to use her experience and credentials to fight for clients throughout Westchester County. Our attorneys are caring and compassionate and will always look out for your best interest through the legal process; however, should matters take a turn for the worse, we will zealously stand up for your rights while pursuing your objectives at all times.

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