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What Costs Are Associated With My New York Divorce?

What Costs Are Associated With My New York Divorce?

When filing for divorce, you may be concerned about the overall cost of the process. With filing fees, attorneys fees, and more, the costs can really add up. Our divorce attorneys share what costs you should prepare for when beginning the divorce process.


One of the first things you may pay for in your divorce is your filing fee. If you are the individual filing for divorce, you will need to pay for this fee; but if your spouse files for divorce first, they will pay for this fee. While it can be beneficial to file first, you will also need to pay the fees associated with filing for your divorce.

Filing Fees

To file for divorce in New York, it costs $210 for the index number (also known as your case number), and there is an additional $125 (totaling $335) in court fees you will need if you file for an uncontested divorce. Keep in mind that your court filing fees can be more than the $335 minimum.

Attorney Fees

You also may wish to retain an attorney to represent yourself during your divorce. While you legally can be your own representation, it is often not in your best interests. You should obtain an attorney who is highly experienced in handling divorce matters and advocating for their clients’ best interests. When hiring your attorney, it is important that you ask about their retainer and hourly fees to get a clear picture of the costs you should expect.


While the filing fees are listed above, they are not the only court-related costs you may face while filing for divorce.

You will still need to pay for:

  • Notary services,
  • Postage and packaging for mailing items,
  • Photocopies of documents,
  • Services to serve the other party, if desired,
  • Real estate and business valuations from third parties,

If you and your spouse agree on pursuing mediation or arbitration, you will need to pay for the services of the court-approved mediator or arbiter. These costs highly depend on the services you choose to pay for during your divorce.

While not specifically court-related, you will also be responsible for your transportation to and from court or meetings with your attorney, childcare during meetings or court dates, therapy for yourself and your children, if desired, and other services you believe will help you face your divorce with the best approach possible.

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Divorce is a cost-filled process as you financially, mentally, and emotionally navigate the dissolution of your marriage. Our Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law divorce attorneys understand the importance of having a clear picture of your costs when you begin your divorce, which is why we aim to be transparent throughout the divorce process.

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