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Cyberstalking's Impact on Your Divorce

Cyberstalking's Impact on Your Divorce

In the U.S. alone, 79% of the population has a social media profile, making it incredibly easy to access information about someone. During a divorce, it can be tempting to check your spouse's social media to see what they are doing. However, this can be detrimental to your divorce case.

If you are being cyberstalked or are guilty of participating in cyberstalking your ex, you should understand how this can impact your divorce.

Cyberstalking Your Ex

While it may seem harmless to frequently check your ex’s social media accounts, this could be alarming to them. People who misuse the Internet or other technology to stalk and harass someone are engaging in cyberstalking.

However, if you feel that your ex’s social media updates could give you an upper hand in your divorce, it might be a good idea to gather this as digital evidence for your case. For example, if your ex is posting about spending money even though they claim they have no assets, you could use this information against them in court.

Beware though; the court could determine your efforts to expose your ex as cyberstalking. In New York state, engaging in any form of stalking is illegal. An experienced attorney can help you decide if this digital evidence is essential to your case.

Not only can this be bad for you in court, but constantly keeping tabs on your ex isn’t good for your mental health. You can’t begin the healing process to move on from the relationship if you continue to focus on the past.

Being Cyberstalked

If you are going through a divorce, you should refrain from posting about it online. You might consider posting about the frustrations of divorce or talk badly about your ex. However, if your ex finds this information, they can take it to their attorney and the court as evidence against you.

If you notice your ex finding out information from your profile, even if you have it set to private, make sure you have not added any new friends. Only accept friend requests from people you know and trust. Also, your ex may have access to your account passwords. Changing the passwords to all of your accounts can help ensure your privacy.

Contact An Attorney For Cyberstalking Advice 

If you are seeking a divorce, contact an experienced attorney about what steps you should take. If you think there may be information on your spouse's social media that could positively impact your divorce, an attorney can help you decide if this evidence would be either beneficial or harmful to your case.

If you feel that cyberstalking is affecting your divorce, contact our firm for guidance. Call us today at (914) 873-4410!