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Divorce & Age: Is There a Connection?

Divorce & Age: Is There a Connection?

Divorce is an unfortunate reality that we all face in today's environment of ever-increasing environmental strain. Statistics report divorce at 43% of marriages. While getting married too young is a common excuse for divorce, the real connection is inexperience in handling modern circumstances, regardless of age.

You're certainly not alone in finding yourself struggling with the premium costs of spending adequate time at home. Dual working households disagree more than ever over work-life-balance and to really define what each person's roles and responsibilities should be.

While age can sometimes be blamed for divorce, the truth of the matter is, that it is much more complicated than that. There are a number of factors that play a far larger role in divorce today.

The Pain Behind Divorce

The number one reason couples seek a divorce is due to lack of communication, but there are unique circumstances leading up to every divorce. Friedman & Friedman understands that marital strain comes from a lack of commitment, unclear expectations, abuse, and imbalance of equality as common sources of pain for us. Poor communication between spouses leads to fear. Fear creates tension, and tension causes us to respond with anger, often feeling defeated entirely. When a relationship becomes too toxic, seeking a divorce is a responsible solution for everyone involved.

The Healing Process

Divorce is a reality. Fortunately, couples are seeing a new generation's example of how to navigate these proceedings respectfully. While divorce can be time-consuming, your Westchester attorney can help you address divorce with your well-being our utmost priority. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel has become much easier from the way we are structuring our modern families and maintaining compassion for a soon-to-be ex, when possible. Divorce can be handled on a high-level with integrity so that we can continue moving forward with our families in a more appropriate relationship arrangement that ends up working better for everyone.

Steps to Take: Divorce

Divorce has little to do with physical age. Emotional immaturity, however, can really wreak havoc. The first step in moving towards the dissolution of marriage is getting some space between spouses. Physical separation and communication counseling is recommended so that both adults can obtain the emotional tools they'll need for properly negotiating the terms of their separation.

We can sometimes be guilty of confusing physical age with emotional age, but it is necessary to avoid becoming caught up in misunderstandings when asking the court for a divorce. The first step in the actual court process will be filing a “Summons With Notice (Form UD-1)” or the “Summons (Form UD-1a)”.

Friedman & Friedman, your highly experienced Westchester attorney is available now to help direct you. We are here to answer your specific questions helpfully and professionally and provide you with a full evaluation of points of consideration. It's our job to provide you with smart options, a thorough consultation, and assist you during this process in making guarded thoughtful decisions. We treat every case with compassion and maximum regard for everything you're going through.

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