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How Can I Document Court Order Violations?

How Can I Document Court Order Violations?

Whether you're dealing with missed child support payments or denied parenting-time, court order violations can be incredibly frustrating and stressful for parents who want to do what's best for their children. If you are experiencing court order violations, you need to document these violations to enforce the court order effectively.

Why is Documentation Important?

It can be challenging to enforce court orders without tangible evidence of violations. Documentation can serve as evidence of the other parent's noncompliance with the should and facilitate your case in court.

Documentation can include written confirmation of the violation, audio/visual recordings, personal records, bank records, medical records of the child, and any other relevant records that can demonstrate the violation. It also can include text messages and emails with your child’s other parent, as well as police reports or any digital record that supports your claim of one or more court order violations.

Write It Down

Documentation often includes written records of violations, including dates, times, and the exact details of what happened. You must ensure that you are using a secure system to store these records, such as a cloud-based platform, so the records are easy to access and use. In addition, make sure that you have an additional copy, such as screenshots of text messages and phone records, copies of emails, and other digital documentation; if your device fails, your storage system is compromised, or you cannot access your digital files.

If you choose to write down violations rather than use digital documents, write violations down in a hardbound notebook, so pages cannot be ripped out without leaving evidence.

Try to be specific when documenting violations. This can be beneficial if your logs are necessary for future enforcement.

Know Your Order Inside and Out

Many parents are not familiar with every detail of their child's custody or support order. Understanding your order can better equip you if there is a violation by your ex-spouse. Suppose the order stipulates that the noncustodial parent can only have the child under specific conditions, such as meeting at a neutral place at a particular time. In that case, knowing this detail is essential so you can document and enforce it.

Seek Legal Help

If you continue to document the violations and it seems there is no end in sight, reach out to your attorney, who can give insight and opinion on your case. They can help you review your active court orders and determine the best path forward for your child's situation.

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Documenting court order violations is crucial to enforce your child's custody or support order. If you are a parent whose court order has been violated, document every detail of the violation and contact an experienced family law attorney. At Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys can help your family seek enforcement of active custody or support orders.

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